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Grade 9/10 Curriculum

English 9th Grade

Ch 1. 9th Grade English: Speaking & Listening Skills
Ch 2. 9th Grade English: Reading Skills Review
Ch 3. 9th Grade English: Reading Skills
Ch 4. 9th Grade English: Literary Text Analysis Review
Ch 5. 9th Grade English: Literary Text Analysis
Ch 6. 9th Grade English: Literary Terms & Devices Review
Ch 7. 9th Grade English: Literary Terms & Devices
Ch 8. Short Stories: Cask of Amontillado, Most Dangerous Game, Scarlet Ibis
Ch 9. Epic & Myth: The Odyssey & Perseus and Medusa
Ch 10. Novel Exemplars: Night & Animal Farm
Ch 11. Drama: To Kill a Mockingbird & Romeo and Juliet
Ch 12. Poetry: Hope is the Thing with Feathers, The Raven & In Just
Ch 13. Nonfiction Texts: Gettysburg Address & Washington’s Farewell
Ch 14. 9th Grade English: Media & Art Analysis
Ch 15. 9th Grade English: Word Choice & Tone
Ch 16. 9th Grade English: Writing Skills Review
Ch 17. 9th Grade English: The Writing Process
Ch 18. 9th Grade English: Argumentative Reading & Writing
Ch 19. 9th Grade English: Informative & Technical Writing
Ch 20. 9th Grade English: Narrative Writing
Ch 21. 9th Grade English: Research Skills

English 10th Grade

Ch 1. High School English: Speaking & Listening Skills Review
Ch 2. 10th Grade English: Reading Skills Review
Ch 3. 10th Grade English: Reading Skills
Ch 4. 10th Grade English: Literary Text Analysis Review
Ch 5. 10th Grade English: Literary Text Analysis
Ch 6. 10th Grade English: Literary Terms & Devices Review
Ch 7. Analyzing Short Stories
Ch 8. Novel Exemplars: Grapes of Wrath & Fahrenheit 451
Ch 9. 10th Grade English: Drama Characteristics Review
Ch 10. Drama Characteristics: Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar
Ch 11. Poetry Terms & Analysis: Percy Shelley & Shakespeare
Ch 12. 10th Grade English: Nonfiction Text Analysis Review
Ch 13. 10th Grade English: Nonfiction Text Analysis
Ch 14. 10th Grade English: Media & Art Analysis Review
Ch 15. 10th Grade English: Word Choice & Tone Review
Ch 16. 10th Grade English: The Writing Process Review
Ch 17. 10th Grade English: Argumentative Reading & Writing Review
Ch 18. 10th Grade English: Informative Writing Review
Ch 19. 10th Grade English: Technical Writing
Ch 20. 10th Grade English: Narrative Writing Review
Ch 21. 10th Grade English: Research Skills Review

Social Studies

Ch 1. The Age of Discovery in the Americas
Ch 2. European Colonization of America
Ch 3. The American Revolution Overview
Ch 4 Creation of the U S. Government
Ch 5. Early Years of the American Republic
Ch 6. The Age of Jefferson
Ch 7. The Jacksonian Era
Ch 8. 19th Centurv American Expansion
Ch 9. American Reform Movements of the 19th Century
Ch 10. Causes of the Civil War
Ch 11. American Civil War (1861-1865)
Ch 12. Reconstruction Period Overview
Ch 13. American & the Second Industrial Revolution
Ch 14. American Imperialism & Progressivism
Ch 15. World War 1
Ch 16. The Roaring Twenties in America
Ch 17. The Great Depression & The New Deal Overview
Ch 18. America During World War Il
Ch 19 America & the Cold War Era
Ch 20. 1970’S American Movements & Presidents
Ch 21. America from 1980 to 2012

Essay Writing

Ch 1. Introduction to Essay Writing: Help & Tutorial
Ch 2. Prewriting: Help & Tutorial
Ch 3. Structuring Your Essay: Help & Tutorial
Ch 4. Writing Your Essay: Help & Tutorial
Ch 5. Types of Essays: Help & Tutorial
Ch 6. Revising Your Essay: Help & Tutorial
Ch 7. Citing Your Sources: Help & Tutorial
Ch 8. Writing an Extended Response: Help & Tutorial
Ch 9. Reading and Understanding Essays: Help & Tutorial
Ch 10. Sentence Types
Ch 11. Paragraph Structure Overview
Ch 12. Rhetorical Modes


Ch 1. VHS: Pre-Algebra Review
Ch 2. VHS: Algebraic Equations
Ch 3. VHS: Graphing Equations
Ch 4. VHS: Systems of Equations
Ch 5. VHS: Inequalities
Ch 6. VHS: Polynomials & Quadratic Equations
Ch 7. VHS: Exponents & Exponential Expressions
Ch 8. VHS: Functions
Ch 9. VHS: Introduction to Statistics
Ch 10. VHS: Probability


Ch 1. High School Geometry: Foundations of Geometry
Ch 2. High School Geometry: Logic in Mathematics
Ch 3. High School Geometry: Introduction to Geometric Figures
Ch 4. High School Geometry: Properties of Triangles
Ch 5. High School Geometry: Triangles, Theorems and Proofs
Ch 6. High School Geometry: Parallel Lines and Polygons
Ch 7. High School Geometry: Similar Polygons
Ch 8. High School Geometry: Quadrilaterals
Ch 9. High School Geometry: Circular Arcs and Circles
Ch 10. High School Geometry: Conic Sections
Ch 11. High School Geometry: Geometric Solids
Ch 12. High School Geometry: Analytical Geometry
Ch 13. High School Geometry: Probability
Ch 14. High School Geometry: Introduction to Trigonometry


Ch 1. Real Numbers: Types and Properties
Ch 2. Absolute Value Equations Review
Ch 3. Working with Complex Numbers Review
Ch 4. Coordinate Geometry Review
Ch 5. Systems of Linear Equations
Ch 6. Mathematical Modeling
Ch 7. Introduction to Quadratics
Ch 8. Functions for Trigonometry
Ch 9. Understanding Function Operations
Ch 10. Graph Symmetry
Ch 11. Graphing with Functions Review
Ch 12. Polynomial Functions Basics
Ch 13. Exponential Functions & Logarithmic Functions
Ch 14. Using Trigonometric Functions
Ch 15. Triangle Trigonometry
Ch 16. Trigonometric Graphs
Ch 17. Solving Trigonometric Equations
Ch 18. Trigonometric Identities
Ch 19. Trigonometric Applications
Ch 20. Analytic Geometry & Conic Sections Review
Ch 21. Polar Coordinates and Parameterizations
Ch 22. Circular Arcs, Circles & Angles
Ch 23. Teaching Resources for High School Trigonometry


Ch 1. Themes & Principles of Geography
Ch 2. Reading Maps
Ch 3. Astronomy of the Earth
Ch 4. Climatology & Meteorology
Ch 5. Landforms, Geology & Life
Ch 6. Culture & Geography
Ch 7. Economics & Geography
Ch 8. Geography of North America Overview
Ch 9. Geography of Middle & South America
Ch 10. Geography of Europe Overview
Ch 11. Geography of Africa & the Middle East Overview
Ch 12. Geography of East Asia
Ch 13. Geography of Southeast Asia
Ch 14. Geography of South Asia Overview
Ch 15. Geography of Russia & Central Asia Overview
Ch 16. Geography of the South Pacific & Australia
Ch 17. Geography Case Studies


Ch 1. VHS: Scientific Inquiry for Biology
Ch 2. VHS: Organic Molecules & the Origin of Life
Ch 3. VHS: Organization & Forms of Living Organisms
Ch 4. VHS: Homeostasis & Feedback Systems
Ch 5. VHS: Cellular Respiration & the Carbon Cycle
Ch 6. VHS: DNA & Protein Synthesis
Ch 7. VHS: Cell Division, Sexual Reproduction & Genetic Variation
Ch 8. VHS: Natural Selection & Speciation
Ch 9. VHS: Ecology & Populations
Ch 10. VHS: Biodiversity, Extinction & Environmental Protection

Physical Science

Ch 1. Understanding Matter
Ch 2. Understanding Gases
Ch 3. Understanding the Atom & Atomic Structure
Ch 4. The Periodic Table
Ch 5. Understanding Chemical Bonding
Ch 6. Stoichiometry
Ch 7. Understanding Solutions
Ch 8. Acids, Bases and Chemical Reactions
Ch 9. Understanding Motion
Ch 10. Force, Motion, and Newton’s Laws
Ch 11. Work, Energy, Power, and Thermodynamics
Ch 12. Waves and Sound in Physical Science
Ch 13. Light in Physical Science
Ch 14. Electricity Fundamentals
Ch 15. The Universe
Ch 16. Homeschool Resources for High School Physical Science
Ch 17. Physical Science: Homeschool Assignments & Projects

Earth Science

Ch 1. Fundamentals of Earth Science
Ch 2. Geologic Time
Ch 3. The Properties of Matter
Ch 4. Earth’s Spheres and Internal Structure
Ch 5. Plate Tectonics
Ch 6. Earthquakes
Ch 7. Volcanoes
Ch 8. Minerals and Rocks
Ch 9. Igneous Rocks
Ch 10. Metamorphic Rocks: A Deeper Look
Ch 11. Sedimentary Rocks: A Deeper Look
Ch 12. Weathering and Erosion
Ch 13. Rock Deformation and Mountain Building
Ch 14. Water Balance
Ch 15. Running Water
Ch 16. Ground Water
Ch 17. Glaciers
Ch 18. Oceans
Ch 19. Coastal Hazards
Ch 20. The Atmosphere
Ch 21. Weather and Storms
Ch 22. Earth History
Ch 23. Earth Energy Resources
Ch 24. Teacher Resources for High School Earth Science